KIGURUMI.BIZ makes character costumes faithful to your illustrations.Free estimate!So feel free to make inquiries!

Count on the following features from our hardworking staff

Costumes that are cool and light

A ventilation fan is equipped inside the top of the head.
The fan discharges heat from inside the costume to prevent the eyes from becoming foggy.
In case of large-sized costumes, we also place a small fan around the mouth.The circulating air keeps the costume cool.

Costumes can sometimes turn out to be quite heavy depending on materials,but we never compromise on wearability, always striving to keep our costumes lighter.
Every costume is handmade, using a minimum of material but retaining the highest quality, built to last.
For example, we select light Styrene foam used for the head,
meticulously shaping it and leaving out unneessary pieces.

Costumes that are cool and light

Magic spray: Silver Photocatalyst coating

Odors cause distress for perfomers.
Before shipping, we spray all character costumes with our silver photocatalyst coating.
This application naturally controls odors caused by sweat etc., not simply masking odors but
also neutralizing and removing bacteria and viruses using the power of light.
Further, this treatment stays effective for a long time, and keep your costume hygienic.

Freebie Bag

The Freebie Bag is a present from our staff that includes a cold-pack vest, mending needles, and anti-fog spray so that you can keep using your costume in top condition.
In the future, expect even more goodies from your Freebie Bag!


Day by day, our staff make every costume with love.
It is a bittersweet feeling for us to see our costumes go when they are ready for shipping.
Just like mothers sending their children off into the world.(All of our manufacturing staff are female.)
Please visit the KIGURUMI.BIZ photo blog to see how much love we put into our costumues.

Freebie Bag
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